Ganesh Multitech Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturers & Fabricators of all types of Sheet Metal Press Parts.

Ganesh Multitech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to welcome you. We would like to offer ourselves as a dependable and well-equipped SSI unit in the western suburbs of Mumbai, specialising in the manufacture of sheet metal press parts and components for the automobile industry in particular, as well as parts and accessories for engineering concerns in general.

Why Ganesh multitech ?

Trim & Efficient organization of engineers, supervisors & administrators dedicated to on-time delivery of products.

Strategic location gives us an access to a wide choice of casting foundries, forging units, skilled & cheap manpower.

Full control over production, combined with slim organization is the best way to keep a close watch over the cost.

Utilizing the state of the art infrastructure, experience and expertise of over 3 decades gives us an upper edge over competitors.


We believe in not just providing a service to our clients but forming a relationship based on understanding our client’s needs and then developing a solution based on those needs. However, our relationship does not end there as we continue to monitor and address any situations that might arise. This only strengthens the relationship and the success of the all our clients.